We are a boutique consulting firm that provides an array of management consulting and technology implementation services.

We strive to redefine consulting to make it better for clients and better for consultants.

Based on our zero-based-fixed-costs business model, we analyze every project and hand-pick a team of experienced associates as well as value chain business partners to tackle it.

For clients, that means tailored expertise at competitive rates.

For consultants, it’s the freedom to purely focus on client issues, be involved and ready for the execution too.

Our code

We believe in collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships as a key competitive success factor to face complexity, both for our clients and ourselves.

The variety of professionals working with us, must follow principles designed to help them conduct management consulting projects honestly and with integrity.

The following set of rules are based on values and standard of conduct to which all our consultants are expected to adhere.

Ethics and Values


We perform with the highest ethical standards of individual and group honesty. We communicate openly and realistically with each other and our clients.


We strive to deliver results with exceptional quality and value


We encourage multidisciplinary collaboration, creativity and independent thinking in everything we do


We treat one another fairly, with dignity and equity. We support each other to develop our full potential.


We operate with financial integrity and transparency. We are accountable for cost competitiveness and continuing financial responsibility


Our work is independent of undue influences by political, economic, or other factors. We maintain the highest level of scientific, managerial and financial objectivity in our work


We keep clients information and records confidential and we will use themwith clients’ permission only.

We will NEVER take advantage of confidential clients information and we will always disclose any conflict of interests whereby the knowledge of specific clients actions and information risks compromising their success.

Be ready

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