Document & text analysis for clinical research

Use of the Blockchain for laboratory exam analysis and certification
13 Gennaio 2023

The client carries out clinical research activities that require the consultation of studies, research and data.
These activities are carried out almost exclusively by researchers, with consequent huge investments of time and resources.


Text analytics, deep learning, and NLP software have been used to analyze countless studies, research, and epidemiological data.

The use of these technologies does not eliminate the need for researchers' activities, but allows them a more targeted and punctual intervention.

The analyzed data has also been indexed to allow faster research in case of necessary insights.

Machine learning algorithms allow software to evolve based on feedback from researchers, thus enabling increasingly reliable searches.



Increase in the sources that can be consulted and therefore in the quality of the analysis and research activities:

  • Reducing information search times
  • Possibility for researchers to devote themselves to activities of extreme added value
  • Increase in the quantity and quality of the analyzes produced


  • Implementation of specific algorithms related to laboratory projects
  • Approval of experiment results directly from the lab notebook, without having to manually upload data
  • Improved data security management
  • Simple and immediate use of BI tools
  • Direct support for the optimization of bioprocessing activities: upstream and downstream

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