Use of the Blockchain for laboratory exam analysis and certification

Evolved aftersales through the introduction of IoT technology
9 Gennaio 2023
Document & text analysis for clinical research
16 Gennaio 2023

The customer manufactures portable laboratory analysis instruments that enable on-site analysis.
The reliability of the data collected is a fundamental element for the use of the results, both in terms of measurement quality and certification of the data itself.


The tool has been equipped with access to the network which allows (via sim machine to machine) real-time consultation of the data collected and analyzed in addition to their geolocation.

The information thus collected, certified by blockchain technology, can be used by the analyst (from the remote analysis center or any other authorized actor) in order to:

  • Certify the collection conditions (exact geographical location and time references)
  • Certify the correct execution of the analysis, which can thus also be carried out by non-specialist personnel
  • Make the data available (also anonymous) for correlation or inference analysis, useful for deepening the knowledge of some phenomena



  • Reduction of costs (no sending) and analysis times

  • Enabling/facilitating correlation analysis, also through the sharing of anonymised data on the network

  • Certification of the quality of the analysis

  • Control and reporting of appropriate use of the device.


  • Possibility of new business models such as, for example, the sale of anonymised data (data masking) to companies to give them visibility of epidemiological, usage, quality data, etc. Or a pay-per-use sales model.

  • Data guaranteed by the blockchain, which is therefore certified and immutable.

  • The blockchain allows the exchange of data and information between actors without the need for a trust between them.

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