Evolved aftersales through the introduction of IoT technology

Use of the Blockchain for laboratory exam analysis and certification
13 Gennaio 2023

The customer produces medical devices (e.g. diagnosis, prevention, control, therapy, or mitigation of a disease) that can be used independently by the patient. In addition to the periodic reordering of consumables (e.g. drugs), it is essential for therapeutic continuity that the device be promptly replaced in the event of a malfunction.


The medical device has been equipped with access to the network which allows (via sim machine to machine) real-time monitoring of operating data.

The information thus collected feeds predictive algorithms, to then be used by the manufacturer (by the distributor or by any other qualified actor in the supply chain) in order to:

  • Optimize supplies and deliveries of consumables
  • Optimize preventive maintenance interventions, to avoid a breakdown or device downtime
  • Optimize machine engineering by analyzing operating data
  • Offer additional services to customers that improve the user experience and guarantee maximum therapeutic efficacy



  • Reduction of warehouse and logistics costs
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increased performance values of the device
  • Improved customer service
  • Information integration


  • Centralized and integrated management of the supply chain
  • Dynamic management of aftersales services
  • Data consolidation and valorisation
  • Centralized maintenance management
  • Disintermediation of distribution channels

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